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Using the DNL DRM Reseller Network


1)      How do I make my books available for sale through the Reseller network?

Login to your DNL DRM Publisher account, and select “Reseller Settings” from the menu:


To sell your eBooks through the Reseller network, check “Use Reseller Network” under Basic Settings, enter the rate of commission that you want to pay, and click “Apply Basic Settings”.

If you specify a 20% rate of commission, the system will automatically approve all requests at or below 20%.  Requests above 20% must be manually approved by you.

If you want to manually approve all requests, change the approval mode to “Manual Approval”.

If you want more control, you may want to use the optional advanced settings. The Advanced Settings will get more sophisticated over time.  For now, the main difference is that you can disable email requests.  The DNL DRM system will automatically send you an email every time a reseller makes a request.  Uncheck the “Send me an email for requests” box if you do not want to receive those emails.

Here are some other things you might want to do:

You want to sell some eBooks, but not all of them

1.       You need to define an eBook group by clicking “Manage Reseller Groups” in the menu (see “How do I define reseller groups” below)

2.       Set “Resell Group of eBooks Setting” to Auto or Manual Approval.

3.       Set “Resell All eBooks Setting” to “Declined” or “Not Available”.  Declined means that the eBooks will be listed but automatically rejected. Not available means that they will not appear in the reseller network.

4.       Click “Update Advanced Settings”

You want resellers to be able to request individual books, but not all of them

1.       Set “Resell single eBook Setting” to Auto or Manual Approval

2.       Set the setting for  “All eBooks” and “Group of eBooks” to “declined”.

3.       Click “Update Advanced Settings”


2)      How do I define reseller groups?

Reseller groups are useful if you want to control which eBooks are available on the reseller network.  Click “Manage Reseller Groups”:


To search for eBook, enter the eBook name under “Search for an eBook”, or specify a date range for when the eBook was created, and click “Search”.

To create a new group, enter the name of the group under “Create New Group” and click “Create Group”.

To add eBooks to a group, select the group from the drop down under “Add eBooks to Group”, check “eBook is part of selected group” for all eBooks that you want to be part of that group, and click “Update Groups”.

For simplicity, each eBook can only be a member of one group. 


3)      How do see which Resellers are selling my eBooks?

Click “Manage Resellers” on the menu to see a list of your resellers:


If you have a lot of resellers, you may need to search for a particular reseller. Enter the reseller name next to “Reseller Name”, or the eBook name next to “eBook Name” and click search.  You can also search for resellers with a particular status, or one the date of their last request.

The resellers will be listed under the dark green heading.

4)      How do I approve new resellers?

If your account is set to manual approval, or a reseller has requested a rate of commission higher than your default rate, you will need to approve the reseller request. 

Look over the reseller offer to determine if you are happy with it:

·         The name of the reseller will appear under “Reseller Name”

·         The name of the requested eBook will appear under “eBook Name”.  This could also be “All eBooks” if they requested all eBooks, or the name of a group if they requested a group

·         “Approval Setting” is the approval setting that was triggered for this request.  This can vary depending our your settings under “Reseller Settings”

·         “Default Rate” is the default rate of commission that you set under “Reseller Settings”

·         “Rate Proposed by Reseller” is the rate the reseller requested

·         “Rate proposed by you” will be blank if you haven’t counter-proposed with a different rate.

·         Offer status shows the current state of rate negotiation.  If the reseller has just requested to sell, it will be set to “Request to sell eBook.  If you have approved the request (or it was auto-approved), it will be set to “Approved”.  If you reject the offer, it will be set to “Rejected’

The easiest way is to check the box under “Accept Offer” for the reseller and click “Process Applications”.  If you want to reject the offer, check the box under “Reject Offer”.  If a reseller is being annoying, and you want to stop them making any further offers, check “Reject All Offers from this Reseller”. 

You can also send the reseller a message by entering the message text in the box under “Message for Reseller”.  If the reseller has sent you a message, the word “Message” will appear in the Reseller Message column.  Click the word “Message” to see the full message.

5)      How to I negotiate new rates with Resellers?

You have the ability to propose a new rate to the reseller at any time.  You do this by entering your new rate in the box under “Propose New Rate” and clicking “Process Applications”. The offer status will change to “New Rate proposed by Publisher” until the reseller accepts or rejects your offer.  If the reseller accepts your offer, the new rate will take effect immediately.  If they reject your offer, the Offer status will change to “New Rate Rejected”, and the new rate will not take effect until after settlement period (currently 60 days).

The offer status can be one of:




Request to sell eBooks

Reseller to Publisher

Reseller has requested to sell an eBook, group of eBooks or All eBooks


Publisher to Reseller

Publisher has Approved request and it is live


Publisher to Reseller

Publisher has rejected the request

New rate proposed by Publisher

Publisher to Reseller

Publisher has proposed a new rate or counter-proposed an offer from a reseller with a different rate

New rate proposed by Reseller

Reseller to Publisher

Reseller has proposed a new rate or counter-proposed an offer from publisher with a different rate

New Rate Declined

Reseller to Publisher

Reseller has rejected the Publisher’s proposed new rate.  Rate will not take effect until after settlement period

Reject All Requests

Publisher to Reseller

Publisher has selected “Reject All Offers from this Reseller”.  All future requests will be automatically rejected.


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